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Baby Turtle Watching

Baby Turtle Watching

Baby Turtle Watching

Enjoy watching turtles in their habitat and volunteer to help with their preservation

Baby Turtle Watching in Cyprus - Best Time
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  Leonid Mamchenkov

Even though turtles may seem very protected in their shells and can live for 80 years, most of the different species are listed as endangered. There are several reservation areas in Cyprus that host volunteers every year to help the well-being of the turtles.

Two kinds of turtles reach the sandy beaches of Cyprus from June till September—Loggerhead and Green turtles. In June and July females lay eggs about three times, and August-September is the period when tiny hatchlings dig out their nests and try to reach the protection of the sea. Both of these processes take place during night time and can be easily ruined by any odd sources of noise or light, so be very careful in order not to intrude too much into the turtles' lives.

Protected "hatchery"

Also, you can volunteer in the reservations. People help to protect turtle nests from foxes by placing special aluminum cages around them or by creating "hatcheries," that are basically fenced off parts of the beach where eggs are transferred and re-buried.

Baby turtle reached the sea!
Baby turtle reached the sea!
Baby Turtle Watching in Cyprus - Best Season

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