Car Hire Protection Reimbursement Insurance Exclusively Available from Simila Cyprus Car Rentals

Did you know that when you rent a car, if it is damaged or stolen, you could be left paying the bill?

Many cars hire rental agreements do give an option for a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), or Excess Waiver. However, usually, you will still be liable for the excess the rental company has to pay to their car insurance company, even if it’s not your fault, which could be more than £2,000….. And often buying this cover from the car hire company can be very expensive!

Sometimes you have the option for a Super Collision Damage Waiver (Super CDW) that may also remove the excess. Royal Lion Insurance offers a more extensive alternative to normal CDW – a car rental insurance to cover you in Cyprus.

We are offering to British and EU residents ‘Deluxe’ CDW Car Rental Insurance. It not only covers the excess charged by car hire companies on a rental car agreement if your hire car is damaged or stolen but also some cover not commonly available under a car rental company policy.

CDW Rental Reimbursement Protection Insurance For British & EU Residents Includes:

  * €2,000 euros Excess Reimbursement Covers Accidental Damage to the vehicle during your rental period. Includes Damage to body panels, Lights, Wheels/Trims & Bumper Damage. There is a € 100 euro initial excess which means the renter covers the first €100 of any claim and the insurance covers the remainder up to the value of €2000. 

Does not include Tyre Puncture, Under Vehicle Body Damage including exhaust damage due to off-road use. Damage caused by driving off-road must be paid for.




  • 3rd Party Cover Damage Protection in case of Road Traffic Accident
  • Accident & Break Down Recovery attendance 24 hours / 7 Days Week
  • Lost Key Protection up to a value of €100
  • Miss Fuelling Costs up to a value of €100

  * Personal Accident Injuries are not covered and you should have adequate Personal Travel Insurance Protection

  * Personal Possessions are not covered and you should have adequate Personal Travel Insurance Protection

  * Reimbursement Protection Insurance CDW: meaning if there is a problem you need to repair the damage or loss and you reclaim the amount via the UK claims department office.  Full details available on request.   

  * Please Drive carefully and respect the car to reduce the chances of any issues and problems. 

  • Reimbursement Protection Insurance; meaning if there is a problem you need to repair the damage or loss and reclaim the amount via the UK claims department office. Full details available on request please your local representative at Simila Cyprus.
  • Drivers MUST have a valid International Licence that covers Cyprus Driving
  • All Children must be safely secured in the correct Child Seat applicable to their size, age and weight. It is the drivers' responsibility to make sure the child seat is correctly fitted and the child is correctly strapped into the seat.


You have the option to upgrade to the Lion Insurance 5 Star Policy for an extra €5 per day. This reduces the €100 initial excess charge to Zero and also includes Windscreen Protection. Select the upgrade in the booking process or inform the agent before you take delivery of the vehicle. This upgrade policy cannot be added after the start of the rental. You must pay for the upgrade before you start driving the vehicle on the first day of rental. 


Our Rental Cars are not allowed to cross the border to North Cyprus. The Insurance will not protect or cover you if you try to cross into North Cyprus. Also please note that the insurance policy that the Turkish try to sell at the border DOES NOT cover rental cars , so you will not be protected or covered either. Please do not attempt to cross the border in any rental car. 


Here is a list of the main traffic offences in Cyprus.

This list is not exhaustive but is a guide. The main law was updated on the 5th of November 2010. The definitive Government publication in Greek can be downloaded here. An addendum regarding speeding and drink driving was made on the 15th of June 2012. It should be noted that Municipalities and similar entities are able to enact laws and impose fines. Some of the offences listed without penalty points may attract them at a later date. On reaching twelve penalty points the courts will normally disqualify a driver from driving and suspend the driving licence. Currently, penalty points are removed three years after the day on which they were imposed.

Payment of Traffic Fines

Traffic fines are not paid to the officer at the roadside. To see the payment methods available, check the link on this site.

Drink driving.

The limit is lower than England and Wales and the same as Scotland at 22 micrograms per 100 ml of breath (50 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood).

High-Risk Groups Have a Lower Limit.

  • The reading from 23 to 35 micrograms – fine €100 – 0 – 2 penalty points
  • reading 36 to 55 micrograms -fine €200 – 2 – 4 penalty points
  • reading 56 to 70 micrograms – fine €300 – 3 – 6 penalty points
  • Over 71 micrograms – Prison or fine between €150 – €400 will be determined by the court – 3 – 6 penalty points
  • Drunk in charge of a vehicle. Determined by the court


  • Speeds between up to 30% over the limit – fine €1 per km/h – 0 – 2 penalty points
  • Speeds between 31% and 50% over the limit – fine €2 per km/h – 2 – 4 penalty points
  • Speeds between 51% and 75% over the limit – fine €3 per km/h – 3 – 6 penalty points
  • Speeds over 75% – Determined by the court – 3 – 6 penalty points

Examples: Travelling at 130km/h in a 100km/h limit the fine would be €30 plus penalty points. Travelling at 131km/h in a 100km/h limit the fine would be €62 plus penalty points.

  • Using a mobile telephone with their hands while driving – 2 – 4 points – fine €85
  • Eating or drinking while driving – points and fine as above.
  • Seat belts – omission – 2 – 4 points – fine €85

Driving Offences

  • Causing death by dangerous driving – 5 -10 points – fine determined by the court
  • Dangerous driving – 3 – 6 points – fine determined by the court
  • Careless driving – 3 – 6 points – The fine will be determined by the court
  • Signalling – The driver failing to make signals – fine €25
  • Failing to stop after an accident – 5 – 10 penalty points – The fine will be determined by the court
  • Non-mechanical vehicle on motorways and high-speed roads – fine €85
  • Failing – to comply with traffic lights – 2 – 4 penalty points – fine €85
  • Failing – to comply with directions given by a Police Officer – fine €55
  • Failing – to comply with directions given by traffic signs – fine €25
  • Failing – to stop or to conform to the signals of the traffic warden or Crossing Patrol at a school crossing – fine €55
  • Failing – to stop and allow precedence to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing – fine €85
  • Driving the wrong way down a one-way road. – fine €25
  • Failing – to slow down to allow the safe passage of other vehicles or traffic – fine €55
  • Overtaking on the left, on a bridge, top of a hill, opposite a junction, pedestrian crossing a continuous line or other sign – fine €55
  • Driving of motor vehicles in a pedestrian street – fine €55
  • Illegal entry of motor vehicles on the road with restrictions on the movement of motor vehicles – fine €55
  • Priority – a driver who does not give priority to vehicles coming from the right at a junction with the main road or at controlled crossings or who drives into the main road without stopping or slowing down – fine €55
  • Unnecessary reversing – fine €25
  • Unnecessary use of the horn in built-up areas – fine €25

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